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Canadian Obedience Novice Companion Dog Title 'CD'
Canadian Rally-Obedience Novice title 'RN'

Bernese Mountain Dog
CKC Reg # UA212277
Born January 29, 2008
112 pounds
25.5 in.

BernerGarde ID : 63190
Pennhip : .54 / .42 (50%)
Vetgen Vwb 'Clear'

Flicka received the following Canadian Kennel Club titles:

'RN' Rally-O Novice title / September 2009

Excellent Flicka received an 'Excellent' rating during the BMDCC 2009 Sieger Show at Trois-Rivieres / June 2009

'CGN' (Canin Good Neighbor) / May 2009

'CD' Obedience Companion Dog Title / June 2010

MOTHER - Prilly

Prilly V Steffisburg, CGN


SIRE - Eulis

CH.F.Eulis Van't Stokerybos, CD, RE, DD, CGN
Import from Belgium

Flicka was a love at first sight and she is a very special girl to me !

So faithful and loving, she has eyes only for her owner (like her daddy Eulis ), she has so much affection to offer, attention to give, a very fun energy, a joy to live with our family. This precious girl has all the qualities I love, she passed all her health clearances perfectly, certified hips/elbows/eyes/heart all Clear and Good, she is VERY beautiful and perfectly put together (a favorite to all), a beautiful big sturdy girl with the softness and reconforting gentleness of her parents and she has the best personality, calm when needed, outgoing and full of energy when playtime, desir to please her family, remarquable loyalty and she just learns everything in a flash!

Flicka promises alot in the futur...

Flicka is a full sister to our Champion  Shadow  !

Flicka 7 years old - Now a veteran, but still in top shape and playing with the young berners - January 2015

Flicka 7 years old happy to welcome the kids home from school - March 2015

Flicka 6 1/2 years - September 2014

Flicka 6 years - March 2014

Flicka 4 years - July 2012

Flicka 4 years - Down by the River - July 2012

Flicka 4 years - February 2012

Flicka 3 years old - Quebec Show - October 2011

Flicka 2.5 years old - August 2010

Flicka 2 years - January 2010

FLICKA 2 years and MOM Prilly 6 years, January 2010!

Flicka 1.5 years - 1st show - August 2009

Flicka loves to walk in the woods!

1 year old and BEAUTIFUL!

Flicka will just do anything for a belly rub!!!

13 months

5 months

Flicka 3 months

Flicka 8 weeks

Flicka with her brother Shadow, 8 weeks

Ste-Marie Show 8-9 August 2009

Flicka wins 'Best Female' saturday, her first points towards her Canadien Championship !!!

Laval show 19-20 September 2009

Flicka impresses the judges with her incredible outgoing energy and her remarquable precision in the exercises, she easily qualifies 4 times to complete her 'RN' Rally-Novice Title with all perfect 100/100 scores and all 1st places!!! Bravo Flicka :)

Trois-Rivières Show 25-26 June 2010

Flicka continues to impress with her impressive energy and precision, she easily completes her obedience 'CD' title with really nice placements and ribbons!!! Congrats Flicka :)
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