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Our big beautiful 'Belnois' family - Our Team

At 'Belnois', the well being and success of our bernese mountain dogs certainly do not only depend on a breeder...
But on an extraordinary team of people and families who are devoted to our breed, our dogs and puppies.

May I introduce our TEAM - Our big 'Belnois' family!

We are extremely blessed to count all these wonderful people around our dogs.


Your Breeder.
She loves everything about animals, being surrounded by their presence and their company.
She is passionate in all areas of the canine field whether it is simply to enjoy them as companion dogs, she loves dog shows in conformation, obedience tests, all disciplines that involves complicity with her dogs. But above all, she is a big passionate of genetics: she tries to better understand the health, the conformation, to study the pedigrees and to do a work of "geneticist" to foresee the best combinations in order to improve lineage genetics and result in improved specimens for the breed. Véronique is involved in all tasks related to her dogs and puppies. The central heart of this beautiful team and family!


The handyman Do-It-All
He is the rock, the main support of the family. He keeps the fort when we need to leave for dog shows or numerous outings/trips a quality kennel needs to do (meetings, breedings, evaluations, test, cliniques, etc). He is truly a Do-It-All around the property. He will build, repair, maintain what is needed for the comfort and well-being of all dogs, horses and family. He is a much needed and appreciated pillar at 'Belnois'. THANK YOU!


The handler, trainer and groomer.
She has such a deep love and bond with all animals, she has a special gift with them we call the 'Kelly touch'! All dogs, cats and horses gravitate towards her and love Kelly-Ann. She has much talent in handling at dog shows in all breeds, she espcially loves the trusting bond she creates with all dogs she handles. Her main goal has always been to assure the dog is having as much fun then she is. She actively participates in the education of our puppies and young dogs at home. She loves to groom our bernese mountain dogs. She is a huge asset to team 'Belnois'. THANK YOU!


The 'little' maternel and cuddling mom.
She has the biggest heart, most generous and helpful nature, she LOVES to care for the newborn or baby puppies. Lydia has such a maternel special touch, she is very gifted with the care of babies. She is a big help when it comes to the pregnancies, birthing, watching over the newborns, she will even share the nightshift supervision and/or bottle feeding some litters require when she is off school or summer holiday, big relief for catching up sleep for the breeder Veronique! Lydia always has a baby puppy in her arms in all activities she does when we have a litter at home, amazing socialisation she offers to them! She is also a huge asset to 'Belnois', as she is a big help in house keeping and cleaning for the dogs, she helps groom our bernese mountain dogs, especially when the babies or puppies need a bath. THANK YOU!


The Best Friend to the dogs and puppies.
Like his sister Lydia, he loves the baby puppies, the younger the better (and easier) for him. He is always cuddling them and does so much with the babies for socialisation. William does have a tendency to build a stronger bond with certain dogs in the house, and those special individuals build a really strong attachement to him, always by his side, inside and outside. Since William was born, he always had to drink his bottle as a baby cuddling with a berner (the berner was his pillow of support), and now even older still loves to lean against them for a nap, a beautiful sight! William also actively participates with many repairs, renovations and constructions with dad Dominic. He especially loves to help to prepare the individual bowls for each dog, as he has an amazing gift to remember which  dog needs what as of supplements and recipe for optimal feeding at 'Belnois'. THANK YOU!

Clement & Johanne

The best babysitters and gardiens
Veronique's parents. Huge hearted people that are always willing to hold the fort for 'Belnois', if the whole family must be absent or permitting Dominic some much needed time off...lol. Our dogs and puppies are in good hands with them. THANK YOU!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2010 at her 1st adoption, she became a very close friend and has since actively participated in all aspects with our dogs/puppies. Pier-Ann loves to participate in dogs shows, follow us on trips/outings needed for our dogs ( appointments, activities, meetings, etc.), or simply loves to come spend the day with us to groom, practice, walk and just hang out with the 'Belnois' gang! She has been a foster home for Georges (CH. Laflamme Great Expectations, CGN) and co-owner of Dream (CH. Belnois Dream A Little More, RN, CGN). She now welcomed a new recrut, the handsome and promising male Olaf (MBBISS BPIG CH. Belnois Frozen In Time)! 


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2014 with her first pet adoption, she also quickly became a very close friend to the family. Sophie loves dogs, ALL dogs, especially beautiful berners ;-) She quickly took the liking to dogs shows and now actively participates in them with us. But she adores over all, to come spend a day with us to cuddle, groom and walk the dogs at home! She is always motivated and willing to help and tag along with the team in anything the dogs bring us to do. She owns 3 'Belnois' bernese mountain dogs : Ravel, Pavlo (CH. Belnois Peek-A-Boo, CGN) and Ripple (Devael Ripple Effect). She recently welcomed a new recrut Cowboy (BPIS CH. Belnois The Legend Lives On W Blakeners)!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2010 with her 1st adoption of a companion male Prince, she then adopted Casanova. Having a huge heart, the 'Belnois' team quickly got attached to her. Recently, she welcomed a shared show female (foster home) named Belle (CH. Belnois Belle Tu Es Si Belle) and since, follows us at the dog shows. She loves it, loves the dogs and participates in helping the 'Belnois' family.


Our #1 supporter!
What can we say about Marthe, we love her and she loves 'Belnois'! She is the 2nd mom to my girls, she is gifted in encouraging them in their passion with the dogs and junior handling. Her home is also our favorite place to go when we attend the Fjord dog show in july :-) We are really lucky to have Marthe in our lives!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2013 with their 1st adoption (Her and Frank). They quickly became close friends. Since, she has adopted 3 bernese mountain dogs : Boswell (CH.Belnois Just Along VI The Ride, HIC), Bree (MBBIS CH. Belnois Onward and Upward) and Phinn (MBBIS BPISS GCH. Belnois Timeless Symphinny). We are proud to say she teamed up with Frank and they put all the titles on their dogs 100% themselves. Even if she doesn't live so close, she offers an exceptionnal support and encouragement to the 'Belnois' team. She has started obedience and rally with her dogs, we are excited to cheer her on in these new fun challenges.


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2013 with his 1st adoption (He and Gaylynn). They quickly became close friends. We call him 'Friendly Frank', and everyone who meets him will understand this nickname :-) Since, he has adopted 3 bernese mountain dogs : Boswell (CH.Belnois Just Along VI The Ride, HIC), Bree (MBBIS CH. Belnois Onward and Upward) and Phinn (MBBIS BPISS GCH. Belnois Timeless Symphinny). I am extremely proud of Frank as he handled his 3 'Belnois' to all their titles 100% himself as Owner-Handler to many Best Baby In show, Best Puppy In Specialty Show, Championships and Grand Champion! Gaylynn always teams up with Frank in helping him with the dogs at shows. 


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2012 with the adoption of their girl Beauty (BISS BPISS CAN.GCH./AM.CH. Belnois Bold And Beautiful, CGN). Julia has actively participated in practice classes with her girl in conformation and also in obedience. She passed the Canine Good Neighbor (CGN) test with her girl. Congrats! 


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2013 with the adoption of their shared male Cruze (BPIS CH. Belnois In For A Ride). Now living in British Colombia, we can't see each other as often, but she does participate and encourages the 'Belnois' team from afar. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, we did meet up for dog shows and specialties on both sides on the country (east and west coast), always such fun with Danielle!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2014 with their 1st adoption of their pet female Louna. They then welcomes a shared male (foster home) Rumble (CH. Belnois Ready To Rumble, RN, CGN).  We are very happy of their participation and lucky to count them part of the team!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2014 with their shared female (foster home) Blü (CH. Belnois Nothing Compares To U). They have fun coming to help us out at home or at the dog shows. We are very happy of their participation and lucky to count them part of the team! They recently welcomed a new little girl Roz (Belnois Always Watching You)!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2015 with their 1st adoption of their companion male Castle. They then wished to welcome a shared female (foster home) Zuri (BPISS CH. Belnois Zest For Life).  We are very happy of their participation and lucky to count them part of the team!


Welcomed in the 'Belnois' family in 2015 with their 1st adoption of their companion male Nixon. They then were looking to welcome a shared show male (foster home), so welcomed Kinder (BPIS CH. Belnois Kinder Surprise) in 2018.  We are very happy of their participation and lucky to count them part of the team!
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