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CCC / Club canine Canadian

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is the primary registry for purebred dogs in Canada. As a non-profit organization, the CKC is dedicated to encouraging, guiding and advancing the interests of pure bred dogs and their responsible owners and breeders in Canada and promoting the knowledge and understanding of the benefits which dogs can bring to canadian society.

CQBB / Club Québécois du Bouvier Bernois

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Quebec, organization dedicated to improving and protecting of the breed. The members include people involved in breeding, showing and all areas of training, as well as pet owners and berner lovers. The board and its members share a common goal to improve the breed and educate the general public.


Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada, on this site you will find lots of information on the breed, advise on finding the best BMD puppy, information on BMD activities across Canada and a complete national breeder directory.


The berner-garde foundation was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases observed in the Bernese Montain Dog. They offer a computerized DATABASE that contains information wich has been compiled over many years from owners and from public ressources of information, including Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registry (CERF). The information is available online to owners, breeders, vetenarians and researchers who are working to reduce genetic diseases in the BMD.


This organization has the objectives to collect and disseminate information on orthopedics and genetics diseases in animals. They offer an online database of ALL the dogs who have a OFA, CERF, GDC or other certification.
BEWARE: This site gives the opportunity not to show BAD results, if you can not find any health results on a certain dog, this ONLY means that the dog in question does NOT AT ALL have a OFA certification clearance, probably for 2 reasons: 1) the dog shows sign of dysplasia, 2) The owner NEVER got the x-rays evaluated by this organization. Be careful!!! Certain breeders pretend to have a OFA certification by pledging another dogs certifications, but don't trust if you can not find that dogs results on the OFA site!!! 

Interesting Berner Websites

'Belnois' Bernese Mountain Dogs, Ethical and Devoted Breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs
The Bernese Mountain Dog Home Page
Skip's Berner Links - Home Page
Bernese Mountain Dogs International
Bernese Mountain Dog Pedigree Software
The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
PandaSite @ BerneseBreeders.org
Bernoise.com - home
Sos boubous en détresse - Accueil

Breeder Friends

FleurDeLys Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Cavalier king charles - AMITOLA
Élevage Du Kalinour, Québec
Azhar Bernese - New-Brunswick
Avatar Bernese - Home, Ontario
Backcountry Bernese, New-Brunswick
DEVAEL Bernese Mountain Dog, Spain
Bernese van ' t Stokerybos, Belgium
Pachthof Kennel, Belgium
Home of the Purple Berner, USA
ADESA Bernese Mountain Dogs, USA
Sunshine Bernese, USA

Health, Natural Remedies and Nutrition

Remèdes Naturels pour Chiens et Chats - Natur-Aux-Pattes.com - Phytothérapie et Homéopathie
Soignez Votre Animal Au Naturel - Votre Référence Pour Les Chiens et Les Chats 
Boutique La Niche - Chez nous, votre animal est spécial!
Royal Canin Canada - Health Nutrition  for cats and dogs
Orijen - Champion Pet Foods

Associations and Related Dog Sites

Club Canin La Laisse d'Or
Le Recueil des Eleveurs de Chiens Champions
Sortie de chien .com
Vivre en santé en s'amusant! - Kino Vie
Le Monde Francophone du Chien
Dogs in Canada
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Diana Edwards Show Services
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