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ENR. CKC # PA926532
Born January 6, 2004
110 pounds
25.5 in.

Father: Balou vom Ratsherrenhof (Switzerland)
Mother: Antonia V. Bernetta (Switzerland)                                                     

OFA-Elbows-Normal/Grade 1

Prilly received the following Canadian Kennel Club titles:

  • 'CGN' (Canin Good Neighbor) / May 2010
Prilly, beautiful big stocky girl, AND so sweet, soft and calm! She comes from a 100% Swiss heritage, both her parents were imported from Swizterland. Her ancestors have an excellent longevity with good orthopedic backgrounds.Prilly is still very healthy and happy at 7 years old, she is taking advantage of a good retirment being a sofa dog after giving birth to many wonderful puppies that she will gladly watch grow!

Prilly is trhe mother of Flicka, Shadow and Mira

Prilly and her daughter Flicka, January 2010!

Prilly Summer 2009 - 5 years!

Prilly fall 2007 - 3 years!

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