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Canadian Champion in conformation
Canadian Rally-Obedience Novice Title 'RN'
Canadian Rally-Obedience Advanced Title 'RA'
Canadian Obedience Novice Companion Dog title 'CD'

CKC Reg# RS039249
Born: September 7th, 2005
95 pounds
24 in.

Pennhip : .52L / .56R
OFA-Hips-Grade 1 Unilateral

Joy received the following CKC titles:

  • CAN.CH. Canadian Championship / June - August 2007
  • 'CGN' (Canin Good Neighbor) / August 2007 
  • 'RN' Rally-Obedience Novice Title / June 2008 
  • 'RA' Rally-Obedience Avanced Title / July-September 2008
  • 'CD' 'Companion Dog' Obedience Title / July-September 2008

What can we say about our 'Joy'!!! Like her name says, she is truly our Pride and Joy! Born from our breeding, she is the first 'Belnois' to proudly have her Canadian Championship title, she also easily passed her 'CGN' test and her 'CD' Obedience title and Rally-O 'RN', 'RA' titles. Now, Joy is practicing for her 'Draft Dog' Title for 2009. Joy is a true sweetheart that has so much to give, an incredible loyalty, a remarkable beauty, strong bones and structure, floating movement, what more to say to describe her then 'Perfect'!

Joy with her mommy Charlotte

Joy 4 years, November 2009, Automn Walk!

Here's Joy, only 9 months for her very first show at the Bernese Mountain Dog club of Quebec Specialty held in Trois-Rivières in June 2006. We received many good remarks and encouragements, I thank all of those who had good comments for us! BRAVO Joy!

Beauport Show 2-3 June 2007 and Ste-foy Show 4-5 August 2007

As soon as Joy matured at 20 months old, it only took 2 show weekends to get all her points for her Canadian Champion title! At the Beauport show, she won 2 X 'Best of Winners' and 1 X 'Best of Breed' over Eulis. And finally at the Ste-Foy show, she won all 3 days 'Best of Winners' and also passed her 'CGN' title !We are so proud of you Joy!

What a vision!
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